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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guangzhou - blocked

We have made it safely to Guangzhou, but cannot get through the government internet blocks to post on our blog. We are trying to find another way around the blocks. The boys are still doing great. We had worried that Simon might be a little sad about leaving Xian, but he showed no signs of it, and was very smiley on the plane flight. (Unlike me, I am wondering if
I can double the Xanax dose. I kept saying to myself 'John Makinson does this because he LIKES IT, all the time, and Cathy even went with him! ...Just when I thought I was so used to flying I was heading to Broadway .....) This hotel is gorgeous and we have been upgraded to the executive floor. We somehow got the idea that meant we could eat on the glass walled, rotating, restaurant on the 30th floor for free. The first 200 dollar meal I have ever eaten.....OOPS! should have tried the the lobster claws!.......Catherine
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joyce said...

You didn't take a picture of a $200 meal? Or the room? Shame on you. But so glad you made it ok, to the next stop closer to home.
I'm sure your daughter is so sick of hearing me on the other side of phone, checking up on them and all of you.
Have fun, but get home soon, missing all of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure John can keep you in flying shape:)