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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally ! an update on Li Qiang

We have been waiting very anxiously, since we heard of his little encounter with a firecracker, for news of Li Qiang ( the children still pray nightly for Simon and 'the boy who doesn't have a name yet' :/ ). I was worried that his injuries were much more serious than we had been led to believe. This evening received pictures of him receiving the cake we sent to him. Look at that smile! It is nice to see that he no longer 'hates to smile for the camera'. You can see that he is missing part of one eyebrow and his hand looks red and swollen (in fact he is using his left hand to eat), but it is a relief to see that he seems to be recovering nicely. We are hoping that our paperwork will go to China any day now. That would mean travel in August I think. The most expensive and miserably hot time of the year. That's okay, we are used to it.

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