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Friday, November 19, 2010

America's First People

Can you tell I found my camera cord?
Our main focus in school this year (in addition to English acquisition) is to learn a little about the USA. The kids can all say/sing the states and locate them on a map but they can't write them all yet without looking. We have talked about Indians being the first people who inhabited our country but I have had a hard time finding videos for them to watch. While we grew up on cowboys and Indians, kids of today only know pirates and princesses. (When I was little, I longed to be an Indian maiden and was most happy on those very rare occasions when I could persuade my mother to put my hair in braids instead of my regular curls. My costume was a pillowcase with Indian designs written with lipstick. I had a good mom.)
The kids and I had a great time visiting a nearby Cherokee village and learning how they lived. We followed up with a visit to the surrounding tourist traps to buy some of the fun things that no real Cherokee ever saw. Last night we watched Davy Crockett. That probably wasn't exactly historically correct either , but I am just trying to give general impressions here. Dominic spent the first day Andy got his coonskin cap telling him he looked like a girl (with a pony tail?).
Next week we will focus on Thanksgiving. Dominic is building a paper model of the Mayflower. It is hard for me to get my mind around the idea that D and R don't have any better picture in their mind of what a European puritan/pilgrim is like than they did the Indians. (Try explaining about Columbus 'discovering America' 200 years ago to someone whose country has Recorded history for thousands of years.)

Everything continues to go amazingly well. We are so blessed.

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