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Friday, March 5, 2010

Adoption Update

Our adoption paperwork has finally gone to China. I should be very excited about this, but I just keep thinking that it has taken about twice as long as I expected and 3 times as long as I have seen our agency do it for other families.
While I had a break from the theater, I finished Dominic's room (even put down the carpet myself) and gathered the ingredients for Rosie's and Nellie's. Theirs will actually be two rooms - one for sleeping and one for girl play. The playroom downstairs is pretty filled with trucks and other boy toys, so I think they need their own space. Since Dominic's room is upstairs, I fully expect that he will prefer to sleep with Ric and Andy so we have rearranged their room to accomodate that. My current project is to get packages together to send to D and R. Each will get a photo album (so that they can be a little familiar with their new world before they get here), as well as a camera to take pictures of their friends, and a few small toys.


A+A said...

Can't wait to see more picture!

The Kenworthy's said...

Looks awesome... trying to figure out which room that is. Seriously do you know how to do everything??!! very impressed with the fact that you put down your own carpet