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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Parade

When Ric first said that he wanted to ride the fiiretruck and throw candy rather then collect candy I was pretty sure he would change his mind. I know he loves firetrucks but I was pretty sure he liked candy more. By the time of the parade he had not only continued steadfast in his resolve to ride, he had also convinced Andy and Nellie that it was the prefered thing to do. As I don't ride on top of open moving vehicles (unless they are pulled by bicyclists in China) Jerry and Matthew accompanied them.
As it turned out, since they rode in the beginning of the parade, they managed to collect a pretty good sized bag of candy from the rest of the parade. By the way, is this candy throwing thing a Southern thing or just a Franklin thing ? I don't remember ever picking up candy on the ground at parades while I was growing up in NY. Maybe it was just because my mom didn't let us eat candy.

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cjw said...

I THINK, if I understood my Dutch class today, SinterKlaus's helpers, Black Pete, through sweets, because he, the real person, through gold to the poor. Or something like that, I was too tired to fully understand ANYTHING by that point of the day. It was way past my 7:00 bedtime.