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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Scenes

Andy's first Christmas.....and, in spite of all the hoop-la and distractions and talking to reindeer, I think he 'got it'. When I took the boys to buy a Nativity set that he and Ric could play with, he noticed it first in the store and ran over to it and said, "Mama, baby Jesus!!" On Christmas morning, we had a cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Camila and Katrina took Ric and Andy shopping and helped them wrap their gifts for everyone including Manchester. I am pretty sure that Andy has never been able to give anything to anyone before - he didn't have anything to give.
Amber cried when she opened her American girl doll - Samantha. It was so precious!
Everyone was here, including my parents and Jerry's parents. Because I was sick, I had the wonderful blessing of seeing all my kids pitch in to help to make the day fabulous.
Ric is already talking about when it will be Christmas again. Fortunately for him, he has a birthday in a week. The problem will be explaining to Andy (who has never had a birthday party) that Ric is the main present recipient on this occassion and he has to wait half a year...

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